Factory Tour


Brother tin box is a professional custom tin box supplier and manufacturer with 1 factories in Dongguan China, specializing in wholesale metal packaging tin containers, tin cases, tin cans and tin signs as well decorative tin boxes. We have tooled, printed and manufactured metal packaging tin products for companies such as Coca Cola, Nestle, Godiva, Warner Brothers and the Disney Company.

Just a quick note on our production process.  As mentioned, each cover is handmade here in Hilton Head.  Upon completion and submission of the design form on our website, we will send you a product proof to review.  Let us know what you think and make any changes that you want.  After all is agreed and the product goes into production, the typical production cycle from start to finish is 30 to 35 days.  We want to ensure each cover is of the highest quality.  Please call us or email us if we can every answer any questions that you have.  Our goal is to see a T.I.N. Box cover in the pocket of every golfer.  Here's to great golfing from all of us at T.I.N. Box Partners!


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