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Food tin box: coffee box, tea box. biscuit box, mint tin, candy box, chocolate  box, wine bottle box, etc..
● Product 
packaging tin box: watch box, comestic tin, perfume box, toy packages, games packages, etc..
● Stationery tin: pencil box, pen holder, CD case, DVD case, coin box, writing bosrd, memo board, black board, etc.
● Wine package: lots of sizes and shapes of tin boxes for whiskey and other wines.
● Daily use tin: special packing for poker, game cards, etc.
● Gift and Promotional tin: burner cover, tin tray, tin plate, christmas tin box, candle tin,storage can, lunch box, asg tray, cigarette box, coasters, bucket, pill box, etc..
● Promotional tin: tin signs, metal poster, tin cards, tin boards, etc.


1. On Time Delivery
● Over 150 workers, including 30 R&D engineers, who can provide customized service for clients.
● With the biggest production capacity in tin can industry, we make sure all the orders can be run as scheduled.
● 4,000 tons of tinplate material in stock.

2. Competitive Price
● Big consumption quantity of tinplate material.

● Over 20,000 tons purchased directly from tinplate material manufacturer, which makes the cost of
tinplate lower than that of distributors.
● Over 4,000 tons stock in our factory, which can keep the price steady.

3. Food Safe Guarantee
● Dust-free workshop in Grade 10,000. We have got the certificate of dust-free work shop in grade

10,000 from Guangdong Dongguan Supervision Testing Institute of Quality and Metrology.
● Food grade material guarantees product safety
● MSDS report on tin plate and ink
● SGS report on tin plate (FDA, LFGB standard)
● SGS report on ink complying with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
● SGS report on mass production sample
● Pass the UL Disney Sedex  audit

4. Rich Experience on Food Package, Engineer support & Rich experience on Food Contact Tin Can Production
● Cooperating with many food companies, we get more and more understanding on the packing and

have a mature team in this area.
● 130 R&D engineers can provide you with professional suggestion on the mold and production.

5. Clients
Worldwide biggest and famous tin can manufacturers

Worldwide famous companies: ESTEE LAUDER
● Paco Rabanne
● RJ Reynolds
● Chivas
● Lipton

6. Customer Service
● Experienced working team 

● Constructive & professional suggestion 
● Assistant working on R&D


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